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Manage every aspect of your clinical learning environment

Education Suite:

Student Management

Cloud-based clinical education management for medical, nursing, and allied health students. Student management includes onboarding, scheduling and evaluations for clinical rotations, plus a national marketplace for advertising your clinical rotations to students across the U.S.

One place for all of your students

  • Manage your future physicians from pre-med through their final year in medical school
  • Manage undergraduate and graduate nursing students as groups or individuals
  • Manage and customize your requirements for over 25 allied health disciplines
  • Schedule, onboard, and track observers and volunteers in any service or unit

Manage your entire student lifecycle

  • Post your health care organization’s student opportunities to recruit students from across the world
  • Connect with your affiliated schools, share your student opportunities, and receive student schedules
  • Automate your compliance workflows

Choose the right Student Management option for your care setting







Number of clinical rotations/year

Up to 100

Up to 300


Cloud-based, automated student onboarding and offboarding

Cloud-based, automated faculty onboarding and offboarding

Standard, custom, and rule-based scheduling for individuals

Affiliation agreement management

Standard, custom, and rule-based scheduling for groups

Chat support

End-to-end encryption

National clinical rotation marketplace

In-app email and messaging

Student, preceptor and site evaluations

Phone and email support

Manage hours logging

Single Sign-On

Dedicated “sandbox” environment for training

ServiceNow integration

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