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Education Suite

Manage all clinical learners in one place

Maximize teaching capacity, administrative efficiency, and learning outcomes by co-managing clinical rotations and placements for more than 50 types of clinical learners

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Performance Suite

Build provider trust through transparent compensation

Align compensation to organizational goals and empower physicians and APPs through transparency into contracts, productivity, and all forms of pay

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Real-time access to clinical workforce and student data

Collect and report data dynamically while interacting with your workforce using our cloud-based software

Connected clinical performance and education management

Bridge clinical performance and clinical education activities

Consultative partnership

Our team understands your organization’s needs beyond the purchase of software

Exclusive Support from SullivanCotter

Personalized consulting and advisory services from the leading health care compensation consulting firm

Best-in-class resources

In-app chat, phone, and email support, with over 200 self-help articles

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