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With Clinician Nexus, capacity planning has never been easier. Clinical site coordinators designate the available clinical experiences and the types of students eligible for their clinical slots. Program coordinators have access to fill slots with their affiliate partners on behalf of students, or students can search through our clinical experience search page.


Complete onboarding steps in a matter of hours, not weeks. Students and program coordinators are presented with a collaborative approach to onboarding at clinical sites. Following the acceptance of a clinical experience, the student will immediately receive a complete set of onboarding requirements defined by the clinical site coordinator.


Nurture your relationships with your affiliated sites and teaching institutions with our collaborative clinical education platform. Whether you are a stand-alone clinical site or multi-site health system, we have developed tools to relax the intense administrative process your stakeholders are so deeply invested in. Join our global community of people who train and educate our future clinician workforce.

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How Does it Work?

Our collaborative platform enables clinical education coordinators to share the availability of clinical experiences, process student applications, and automate student onboarding and offboarding requirements at clinical sites.

Clinical sites rotation capacity

Here’s our recommended approach:

Clinical sites add capacity

Coordinators have access to create and assign capacity for students. The capacity is then released to the affiliated teaching institutions or to our clinical experience search page to allow students to search and apply for clinical experiences.

About Clinical Sites

Assign students to clinical experiences

Program coordinators at affiliated institutions have access to schedule students into slots set aside just for their programs. As students are scheduled, they automatically receive each clinical site’s onboarding requirements.

About Teaching Institutions
Clinical sites and schools connect Rotation Management
medical student rotations applications

Students, find the right clinical sites

Students may search for clinical experiences by discipline, specialty, or experience. For elective experiences, students can apply to as many clinical experiences as desired – for FREE. Once accepted you’ll automatically receive that clinical site’s onboarding requirements and be set to learn on day one. Simply create a profile and start your search today!

About Student Experiences

Track and evaluate clinical experiences in a single location

Clinical sites and teaching institutions are able to quickly assess each student’s progression through the clinical learning process. From application to offboarding, the Clinician Nexus dashboard provides real-time status updates to all stakeholders.


track and evaluate Clinical Rotations

Our clinical education community is critical to our health system's future. Let's connect and work together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which disciplines do you support?

We understand that patient care settings operate with the care team in mind, so we’ve made it possible for them, and their partners to manage over 35 clinical disciplines in the same platform.

Who pays for it?

Clinical sites and teaching institutions can choose to pay an annual subscription fee for our Pro and Enterprise versions that provide value exclusively to their organization.

Another onboarding tool?

Consider Clinician Nexus to be a total solution to managing clinical education. In addition to what we currently offer, we’re constantly working to build more features that make anything related to teaching students inside a health system easier for all stakeholders. Schedule a demo so we can show you what we have today!

How long does it take to set up?

Setting up your clinical site or teaching institution in Clinician Nexus takes less than two minutes. Our team provides support once you’re ready to bring your whole health system or teaching institutions partners onboard!

Who else is using Clinician Nexus? 

You can create a free profile in under 2 minutes and begin searching for other clinical sites, teaching institutions, and colleagues in clinical education. For a complete list, view our search page for active clinical sites.

What if my affiliated partners want to use a different platform? 

We understand this is a complex problem and that each organization has the right to make their own decision on solutions. We are happy to explore integrations to make your workflow more streamlined. Additionally, we offer communication templates to help you navigate change with your partners.

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