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Manage all clinical learners in one place

Education Suite

Maximize teaching capacity, administrative efficiency, and learning outcomes by co-managing clinical rotations, placements, and experiences for more than 50 types of clinical learners.
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Streamline the entire clinical experience for students with our Education Suite

A single platform that helps the entire community manage everything from finding clinical rotations to offboarding

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Increase efficiency through leading-edge technology

Refine the clinical education experience at your health system by using a cloud-based, fully encrypted platform to onboard, schedule, and evaluate students and visiting learners

Develop a staffing pipeline

Conduct on and offboarding surveys to analyze and determine employment interest before and after clinical rotations

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Stay connected with your community

Engage and connect with your community of clinical students through relationship management tools, affiliation agreement tracking, and real-time communication throughout each clinical experience

Maximize teaching engagement

Map out your education capacity, advertise clinical rotations to students and schools, and expand your talent pipeline

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View student application and on and offboarding requirements

Collect all student requirements—from schools and programs to specific clinical sites—in one system with multiple review options
Track student progress from application to course hour requirements and generate robust reports

The Education Suite has solutions for everyone to support the development of the next generation of clinicians

For health care settings

Student Management

A collaborative platform that enables you to manage every aspect of your clinical rotation operations

Expand your student pipeline and modernize efforts through clinical rotation onboarding, management, and evaluations
  • Post and share clinical experience opportunities
  • Manage your clinical learning environment
  • Collaborate with students and schools to train your future workforce

For academic institutions

Clinical Placement Management

A collaborative platform that enables you to coordinate every aspect of your students’ placements with your affiliated clinical sites

Connect with affiliated clinical sites to manage onboarding, scheduling, and evaluations for your students’ clinical rotations
  • See capacity at clinical sites as they share student opportunities directly with your team
  • Monitor student progress toward completion of clinical requirements
  • Run real-time reports on students, experiences, preceptors, clinical sites, and more

For all clinical students

Clinical Experience Management

Find the clinical experiences that fit your program’s requirements, at no charge

Connect with hundreds of care settings for unique rotations across the U.S. and complete on-boarding, scheduling, and evaluations in a single platform
  • Sign up, create your profile, and search for clinical rotations at sites that use Clinician Nexus
  • Build your professional network by connecting with peers, educators, and team members at the clinical sites you apply to
  • Stand out by highlighting relevant academic, clinical, and volunteer experiences on your profile

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