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Accelerate physician and APP performance and retention

Performance Suite

A suite of solutions that helps align individual physician and advanced practice provider compensation and performance to organizational goals through greater visibility into contracts, pay, productivity, and effectiveness – leading to increased provider engagement, performance, and retention





Empower and retain your physicians and APPs through productivity insights, performance management tools, and compensation management analytics

The Performance Suite physician compensation software helps improve outcomes, increase productivity, and increase physician and APP retention in many ways, including:

Single source of truth

All critical physician and APP productivity, performance, and compensation information consolidated in one place, providing easy access for all key stakeholders

Transparency to build engagement

Physicians, APP, and leaders have a direct line of sight between calculated compensation and the measures of productivity and performance

Timely, accurate information

Real-time updates ensure access to the latest data and provide full transparency that key stakeholders can trust

Built-in benchmarks and comparisons

Focus on the metrics and goals that matter and measure performance relative to cohorts

The Performance Suite has three modules to provide your organization with greater alignment, transparency, and insight into productivity and compensation


Helps visualize, trend, and analyze wRVU information

Multiple levels of productivity performance information including detailed CPT code analysis, CMS physician fee schedule impact analysis, and a view into scorecards and contracts
  • Provides timely, personalized pay and productivity scorecards
  • Delivers greater insight into clinician productivity through detailed Work RVU (wRVU) information
  • Helps organizations better understand, prepare for, and develop a response plan to address the impact of upcoming PFS changes


Helps monitor progress toward value-based performance goals

Insights into individual and care team performance against organization goals — plus automation of complex compensation calculations
  • Assesses physician and APP performance and compensation against defined metrics
  • Provides leaders, administrators, physicians, and APP with tailored views and access
  • Measures and improves physician and APP performance through actionable insights
  • Ensures data reliability via extensive, built-in audit tools


Consolidates critical compensation-related data

Automate settlement reconciliation with visualization into impacts and compensation triggers
  • Integrates compensation earned from all sources for included physicians and APP
  • Highlights dollars paid and balances due
  • Facilitates settlement reporting and review process
  • Trends data to project year-end results and model improvement scenarios
  • Generates accruals for Finance




Productivity Module

Track and maximize physician and APP utilization

Performance Module

Monitor progress towards value-based performance goals

Compensation Module

Consolidate critical compensation-related data

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