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Clinician Nexus Rolls Out Education Suite and Performance Suite Software

April 26, 2023 – MINNEAPOLISClinician Nexus, a clinical workforce technology company, announces the rollout of its Education Suite and Performance Suite – innovative software solutions designed to help health care organizations educate, engage and retain their clinical workforce throughout their journey. These product suites enable users to build high-performing care teams using cloud-based software, workflow automation tools and industry-leading compensation and workforce analytics.

“With a passion for ensuring the well-being and advancement of practicing clinical professionals and students nationwide, Clinician Nexus works tirelessly to create powerful platforms and communities in which administrators, clinicians, students and other key stakeholders can work more collaboratively to connect the dots between clinical education and practice performance outcomes. This allows organizations to plan, educate and operate to their fullest potential,” said Katrina Anderson, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy.

Education Suite

Effectively educating, training and credentialing future clinicians to ensure a sustainable pipeline of talent is critical – especially amid an ongoing health care workforce shortage. Education Suite is a solution that enables health systems and academic institutions to co-manage the clinical experiences of medical, nursing, advanced practice and health professional students. Through a single platform, organizations can manage everything from placement to scheduling and onboarding – allowing them to communicate with students more effectively, maximize teaching engagement and accurately track progress from application to graduation. In addition to streamlining the process for administrators and placement managers, this solution supports more than 50 types of learners as they obtain clinical experience alongside practicing clinicians.

Performance Suite

As the industry grows increasingly more complex in a post-COVID environment, hospitals and health systems are looking for better ways to maintain the delivery of best-in-class patient care. To help support this mission, organizations must actively engage providers in performance improvement efforts through the provision of compensation and rewards more closely aligned with system-wide goals and desired outcomes. Performance Suite is a powerful collection of productivity insights, performance management tools and compensation management analytics designed to empower physicians and advanced practice providers through greater visibility into pay, performance, contracting and more.

Formerly known as Provider Performance Management Technology™, Performance Suite consists of three distinct modules and is offered in both a Base and Pro version, allowing organizations to handpick and customize the solutions that best meet their goals:

  • Productivity: Track and maximize clinician utilization
  • Performance: Monitor progress on value-based performance goals
  • Compensation: Consolidate, manage and report critical compensation data

How We Can Help

With the ultimate goal of helping organizations to support the delivery of best-in-class patient care, Clinician Nexus connects organizations with the critical technology, data, tools and resources required to drive innovative clinical workforce strategies.

“Our mission at Clinician Nexus is to help health care organizations maximize their effectiveness by bridging the gap between medical education and clinical performance. With cutting-edge software and workflow automation tools designed to support critical stages of the clinical workforce lifecycle – from planning and training to measuring, rewarding and driving performance – we partner with clients to implement more holistic, end-to-end solutions tailored to their unique needs,” said Ted Chien, President and Chief Executive Officer, Clinician Nexus.

For more information on Clinician Nexus and our comprehensive Education Suite and Performance Suite solutions, please visit or contact us at 888.254.3503.

About Clinician Nexus

Clinician Nexus enables health care organizations to build thriving clinician teams with industry-leading technology products, workforce and compensation analytics and automated workflow solutions. Backed by extensive technical expertise and industry-leading data, we deliver innovative approaches to help clients to plan, educate and engage their clinical workforce at every stage of the lifecycle. We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding guidance and support as they focus on shaping the future of health care.

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