Education Suite

Elevate your new graduate nursing program with Clinician Nexus

Training the next generation of nurses is important work.

Are your new graduate and residency programs set up for success?

As health care evolves and nursing shortages persist, these programs are the cornerstone of an effective recruitment and retention strategy. Cultivating a strong pipeline of talented, practice-ready nurses is not only critical to your organization – but to the future of health care itself.

Clinician Nexus can help you transform the way you engage with your future nursing workforce.

Our comprehensive Education Suite platform is designed to support your new graduate and nurse residency programs through:

  • Direct Engagement: Collect and store student contact information for a direct line to the most promising candidates. This will help ensure recruitment efforts are as targeted and effective as possible.
  • Insightful Feedback: Conduct surveys to gain invaluable insights into student employment interests, preferences, and key motivators. This allows you to tailor your recruitment messaging to resonate deeply with your prospective nurses. 
  • Seamless Evaluations: Transition new grads into practice-ready professionals with customized training content, delivery methods and competency assessments. 

Invest in the future of your nursing staff with Clinician Nexus.

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