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Katrina Anderson

Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

Katrina Anderson is the Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at Clinician Nexus and is responsible for overseeing the organization’s product vision and strategy. With a deep-seated passion for ensuring the well-being and advancement of clinicians and students nationwide, Katrina founded Clinician Nexus in 2016 to focus on providing organizations with a more effective way to build and maintain high performing care teams.
Combining specialized knowledge in health professional education with her experience running an innovative technology startup, Katrina works tirelessly to develop a frictionless community in which health system administrators, clinicians, students and other key stakeholders can operate more collaboratively to unify clinical education strategies with practice performance outcomes.

Her experience includes:

  • Helping organizations to connect the dots between clinical education and clinical performance – allowing them to plan, educate and operate to their fullest potential.
  • Building and connecting communities within clinical workforce teams including students, educators, clinical experience managers, systems administrators, leadership and more.
  • Identifying conflicting organizational needs and redefining relatedsystems, processes and solutions to more effectively align with desired goals.
  • Analyzing and improving complex system dynamics and workflows between internal and external organizations
  • Working with marketleading hospitals and health systems to drive industry change through scalable technology solutions and sustainable business models.
  • Leading cross-functional teams through complex problem solving and analysis to provide clients with best-in-class services and technology solutions designed to transform the way in which theyteach and guide their future clinicians.

Prior to founding Clinician Nexus, Katrina worked in the Office of Health Professional Education at HealthPartners, an industry-leading health care provider based in Minneapolis, MN.

She received her BA in Communications and her MBA with an emphasis in health care from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.