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Our cloud-based platform automates previously labor-intensive functions, such as onboarding, scheduling, manual calculations, and evaluating clinical rotations. This frees up valuable department staff time to maximize efficiency and increase user satisfaction.

Streamline Processes and Promote Autonomy

With the Clinician Nexus Education Suite, students, school staff, and faculty can resolve many requests that would typically require the involvement of the education department staff. This translates to valuable time, resource and cost savings for your health care organization and faculty can resolve many requests that would typically require extensive time from the education department.

clinician nexus student in college with laptop

Manage all clinical learners in one place

Maximize teaching capacity, administrative efficiency, and learning outcomes by co-managing clinical rotations, placements, and experiences for more than 50 types of clinical learners.

Education Suite Features & Benefits


Request EHR credentials

Eliminates forms, spreadsheets, emails and time-intensive manual credentialing processes.

View real-time schedules

Allows users to secure appointments and view real-time changes without chasing email threads.

Place rotation requests and view status updates

Saves time via a streamlined online process instead of time-consuming calls, emails and spreadsheets.

Create annual clinical rotation planning reports

Easily calculates the total hours spent on education to help determine the number of remaining clinical rotations needed.

Upload student photo ID pictures

Eliminates trips to the education office.

Cloud-based, fully encrypted platform

Eliminates costly, in-person processes.