Coordinating core, audition and elective rotations has never been easier.

Our easy-to-use platform provides real-time access to rotation capacity for student placements. As our clinical education network grows, you will have the opportunity to connect with clinical sites offering elective, away and audition rotations across the country. Clinician Nexus is your go-to for clinical rotation management.
How does it work?Academic Coordinators

Clear, Real-time Capacity at Clinical Sites

With a clear picture of every single one of your clinical site’s capacity to teach that is accurately matched to their workforce needs in advance, they’ll be prepared to teach the right students at the right time.


As soon as a rotation is approved, Clinician Nexus automatically sends each site’s unique onboarding requirements directly to the appropriate teaching institution coordinator and student to complete in advance of the rotation.  You and your students will always have the most up to date version, because the clinical site coordinator is on the other side making sure each student has a successful experience.


Know where your students are from application to completion of an experience in a single dashboard.  Ask the student and clinical site coordinator in the context of a single rotation in Clinician Nexus and ditch the email threads.


Clinician Nexus tracks and stores all rotation activity so that training programs, clinical sites, and students can all maintain the same, true historical records of required documentation that’s been submitted for current and past rotations.

Schools and Training Programs

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Collaborate with Clinical Sites

Your clinical sites are an extension of your teaching institution. Clinician Nexus saves your clinical site partners over 50% of their time in managing students, and in some cases has increased clinical site’s capacity to teach by 17%.

Here's how it works:


Sign up and connect with or invite your clinical sites

Everyone in one place means all of your data is in one place, too. Set up your profile and get connected.

Conduct a kick-off meeting

Follow our guide to get all of your clinical site partners on the same page using Clinician Nexus.

Invite your students and GO!

Upload your students in under 5 minutes and schedule away!
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Clinician Nexus will help you track your student’s whereabouts, whether they rotate at one hospital or fifteen clinical sites.

What Academic Coordinators Are Saying

““Platform is very user friendly. Able to quickly identify student rotation and on-boarding needs. Ability to see comments from students, site, etc. is very helpful.””

JenniferRegional Clerkship Administrator, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences

““I wish all clinical rotations used Clinician Nexus! It is easy to use, and there are very helpful IT staff who are readily available to assist most hours of the day!””

CarolineAssistant Professor, Loma Linda University, School of Nursing

Getting Started with Clinician Nexus

Schools and healthcare training programs are using our clinical rotation platform to build better relationships with clinical sites providing training opportunities for students. Get started today.

Session 1

  • Platform orientation
  • Adding and uploading new students
  • Scheduling student rotations
  • Dashboard management

Session 2

  • Review and optimize workflow

Session 3

  • Reporting overview

What's included in my 90 day free trial?

Sign up today. In just a matter of weeks, you’ll be ready to schedule students into clinical experiences. Upon acceptance by the clinical site coordinator, your students will begin the onboarding steps required by your clinical affiliate. Getting started today will save hours of administrative time in the weeks ahead.

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