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Fierce Healthcare | How Visibility Into Compensation and Performance Can Boost Clinician Retention

Enable a thriving physician and advanced practice provider (APP) workforce through timely and transparent insight

Physicians and APPs are more likely to be engaged with organization-wide goals when they have a clear line of sight into performance metrics impacting their compensation – such as productivity, patient experience, outcomes and more. impacting their compensation.

Yet, organizations still struggle to deliver valuable insight into clinical performance – making it difficult for clinicians to know where they are doing well and where they might need to make improvements. The problem lies primarily with the traditional measurement process – manual documentation and/or disparate systems for calculating clinical compensation and measuring performance.

Recently featured in Fierce Healthcare, Shelly Slowiak – Customer Success Leader, Clinician Nexus, explains how investing in a foundation of accurate, actionable, and timely data helps organizations to build trust through transparency and create the supportive work environment in which today’s clinicians want to work.

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