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A great deal is riding on your clinical education, so don’t leave it to chance. We’ll help you find the best clinical experience for your needs and interests, and make the onboarding process a breeze so you can focus on learning.

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Sign up, create your profile, and then search for clinical experiences anywhere in the country. If you find something that interests you, apply or connect with the clinical site staff to learn more.



Connect directly with other members of the Clinician Nexus community- including peers, clinical coordinators, and preceptors. Endorse educators to let other students know what rotation experiences were a must do.



As soon as you are accepted at a clinical site, their onboarding steps will automatically show up in your dashboard so you can get started right away. You’ll be fully onboarded BEFORE your rotation, making your first day at that site about learning and meeting their team, not getting access to an EHR.



Build your profile and let clinical sites know what you’re all about. Highlight you relevant academic, clinical, volunteer experiences, awards, and special projects.


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Our clinical experience search page allows you to search for all kinds of clinical experiences that will make you a more well rounded, experienced clinician. Search, apply, and onboard to experiences at the following hospitals. If you don’t see a clinical site’s logo here, refer them to Clinician Nexus.

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You’ve given up so much to care for people that are dearly loved and deserve excellent care. Securing and onboarding to your clinical rotations should be the most stress-free part of learning so that you can focus on learning and training.

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What Students Are Saying

“I enjoyed the ability to see my progress through the application process. I knew what I needed to do because it was all laid out clearly for me on the page, and I even received notifications reminding me what I still needed to complete before my deadline arrived.”


“It has been pretty easy and accessible to use. I love that when I have questions the chat is available and everyone responds quickly. I also appreciate it being free to apply, being a Medical students debts keep incrementing and at least in a way a save some money by applying to away rotations through this site.”

MarimerSan Juan Bautista School of Medicine

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