Provider Performance Management Technology™ CPT Code Impact Analysis

PPMT™ is a scalable, configurable, cloud-based technology solution that delivers transparent performance-based compensation administration, reporting, and analytical capabilities while providing organizations with the ability to conduct critical CPT code impact analysis to understand how recent changes to the Physician Fee Schedule will affect compensation, performance and productivity.

Accurate tracking and reporting of clinical pay and performance builds trust and increases engagement with physicians and APPs and enables leadership to establish, track, and deliver upon organizational objectives that drive meaningful performance improvement. Designed to address a spectrum of physician, leadership and other key stakeholder needs, PPMT™ combines years of health care compensation insight and expertise with an intuitive, automated technology platform to help drive physician and APP performance and support the transition from volume to value-based care.


PPMT™ can help organizations better understand, prepare for, and develop a response plan to address upcoming Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) changes with CPT code impact analysis capabilities.


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) continues to adjust its PFS, which has material implications on professional services reimbursement and physician and APP compensation. It is critical that organizations using productivity-based plans understand the impact of these changes on reported physician and APP productivity levels, employed and independent physician compensation arrangements, and budgets. PPMT’s CPT Code Impact Analysis can help organizations better understand, prepare for, and develop a response plan to address the impact of upcoming PFS changes. Assessing current and proposed CPT code information provides leaders visibility into which physicians or groups are most directly impacted by a change in scale values.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Delivers comprehensive and disparate billing information in a central repository
  • Analyzes the impact of multiple CMS scale values on physician and CPT code performance
  • Automates modifier adjustments
  • Integrates non-billable wRVU credit information for a holistic view of physician productivity performance
  • Compares wRVU productivity performance to market-leading benchmarks and organization-defined budgets for provider and location
  • Provides ongoing visibility to wRVU productivity performance using CPT code values for multiple CMS scales, which can help organizations determine when to change scales and build trust with providers should the organization decide to adopt different scales
  • Identifies providers/groups most directly impacted by changes in CPT code values due to updated CMS scales
  • Measures the impact CMS scale changes will have on wRVU productivity related to compensation at an individual, group, and organizational level

Value by Stakeholders

  • Analyzes the impact of CPT code value changes on provider total wRVUs before adopting
  • Auto-calculates providers’ current wRVU productivity on multiple CMS CPT code values
  • Reveals insights into reimbursements based on payer mix and identifies providers with potential fair market value issues in conjunction with SullivanCotter’s Benchmarks360™ Clinical CPT Manager and advisory services
Physicians and APPs
  • Creates transparency into wRVU impact based on CPT code value changes
  • Calculates accurate wRVUs due to consistent application of modifier adjustments
  • Provides transparency into the impact of CPT code changes on productivity and performance, leading to increased provider trust and engagement
  • Measures impact and supports the adoption of new CMS scale CPT code values
  • Provides insights into potential compensation adjustments for individuals or groups by identifying those with the highest impact

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Client Testimonial

“I used to spend hours each month visiting with 4-5 providers reviewing their patient schedules and validating wRVUs. I haven’t had a single request to sit down with anyone now that they have the insight and data they need.”

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