School Beta

Our team is committed to creating a seamless experience for the entire community. We’re big believers that we need to build the solution together. Please join us for 5 feedback sessions starting in March 2021 to develop new features specifically for schools.

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Wednesday, March 10th at 12pm CT | School Beta Kick Off

Before we dive into our feedback sessions we will introduce our team and explain how the beta works.

Wednesday, March 17th at 12pm CT | Clinical Hours Tracking

This feature will enable you to set your program’s clinical hour requirements and track your student’s progress in real time.

Wednesday, April 21st at 12pm CT | Procedure Logging

This feature will enable your students to track ongoing procedures within the clinical experience.

Wednesday, May 19th at 12pm CT | Scheduling at all Clinical Sites

Right now, you can only schedule rotations at clinical sites that use Clinician Nexus. This feature will allow you to manage schedules at all of your clinical sites, inviting them to join in for free in the same way you have before.

Wednesday, June 16th at 12pm CT | Evaluations

This feature will allow you to build custom evaluations for students, faculty, and preceptors and report results inside our platform.

Wednesday, July 21st at 12pm CT | Integrations

Connecting Clinician Nexus to your LMS or SIS will enable you to quickly share data between systems for seamless reporting.

Your Commitment: 

  • Participate in a 1.5-hour session with our product and engineering team per month.
  • Share ongoing feedback

Benefits to You: 

  • Direct communication with our engineering team
  • Input into our roadmap
  • A discount on your first year using our Pro Package that contains new features
  • Access to our demo environment and the ability to test features before they’re released