Clinical Placement Management Beta

Over the past 5 years, we’ve focused our roadmap on serving clinical sites through our Student Management product. This fall, we will be building our product for schools, Clinical Placement Management.

From March through July of 2021, participants from 4 universities across the country provided us with excellent feedback regarding the most critical features needed to best serve schools on our platform. This fall, we’re building the key features of our Clinical Placement Management product outlined below.

How to participate: 

  • Sign up for a discounted pilot subscription for the Spring 2022 semester will full access to all features
  • Sign up for a monthly or annual subscription of Clinical Placement Management for the 2022-2023 academic year

Benefits to You: 

  • A discount on your first year’s subscription when you sign up by March 2022
  • Access to a free sandbox environment to test features and workflows
  • Provide feedback directly to our engineering team and see your input make a difference

Clinical Placement Management

Key Features

Scheduling at all Clinical Sites

Right now, you can only schedule rotations at clinical sites that use our Student Management product. This new feature will allow you to manage schedules at all of your clinical sites, regardless if they use our platform or not.

Clinical Hours Tracking

Set your program’s clinical hour requirements and track your student’s progress in real time.

Procedure and Encounter Logging

Enable your students and faculty to track ongoing procedures or patient encounters.


Build custom evaluations for students, faculty, and preceptors and report results inside our platform.


If you decided to use this product, we can connect your LMS or SIS to Clinician Nexus and quickly share data between systems for seamless reporting.