Provider Performance Management Technology™ Physician Contract and Compensation Alignment

PPMT™ is a scalable, configurable, cloud-based technology solution that delivers transparent performance-based compensation administration, reporting, and analytical capabilities while providing physicians, advanced practice providers (APPs), and executive and operational leaders insights into performance drivers.

Accurate tracking and reporting of clinical pay and performance builds trust and increases engagement with physicians and APPs and enables leadership to establish, track, and deliver upon organizational objectives that drive meaningful performance improvement. Designed to address a spectrum of physician, leadership and other key stakeholder needs, PPMT™ combines years of health care compensation insight and expertise with an intuitive, automated technology platform to help drive physician and APP performance and support the transition from volume to value-based care.


PPMT™ can help organizations streamline physician contract and compensation alignment to ensure pay is delivered.


Health care organizations frequently rely on a mixture of physician-hospital affiliation relationships that cover both employed and non-employed physicians. Accessing and managing these highly variable, and often hard copy, physician contracts and linking them to compensation commitments is difficult.

By connecting with contract lifecycle management systems, PPMT’s Physician Contract and Compensation Alignment increases visibility by directly connecting these contracts to compensation. This centralized and transparent platform facilitates mutual awareness and understanding of contract promises and decreases the legal risk of unmet obligations.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Audits and proactively addresses variances between calculated compensation and contract requirements
  • Increases efficiency by streamlining stakeholder actions throughout the entire contract lifecycle
  • Alerts team to contract terminations to proactively foster renegotiations
  • Notifies compensation team of newly hired physicians automatically
  • Supports system-wide physician contract compliance with an enterprise-ready solution
  • Creates visibility into contracts, including all amendments, for the compensation team and individual physician
  • Enables the organization to identify triggers in contract variability and take appropriate action through dynamic visibility between contracted and earned compensation
  • Improves mutual awareness and understanding of contract commitments and negotiations between administrators and physicians

Value by Stakeholders

  • Reduces errors and creates administrative efficiencies through a single, automated system containing both physician compensation and contracts
  • Ensures all parties receive necessary information through secure user access
  • Creates cloud-based document storage for reliable and secure record keeping
  • Audits to proactively manage any contracted compensation changes
Physicians and APPs
  • Helps improve provider engagement and trust that contractual commitments are being met through increased transparency
  • Forms a single source of information for personal contract and pay data
  • Reduces legal risk by ensuring contract obligations are met
  • Increases retention by enabling transparent visibility into contract terms and compensation programs
  • Builds trust with clinical workforce through proactively addressing renewals and changes in contracted compensation

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Client Testimonial

“PPMT™ will now enable us to automatically deliver extensive supporting documentation with drilldown capabilities for our clinicians to access any time they want. Providing this visibility and transparency is critical as we navigate an increasingly complex and rapidly changing health care environment.”

Design Studio

Our Design Studio team of experts work with clients to understand their unique challenges and needs. This enables us to recommend tailored, right-fit programs for our clients that maximize existing resources while addressing critical compensation or performance management needs.