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Rotation Marketplace

$ 99

It's free for students

Top Features 

  • Post unlimited rotations
  • Designate application requirements
  • Set-up onboarding packages
  • Review elective student applications

Student Features 

  • Search clinical experiences
  • Apply to rotations
  • Monitor application status
  • Submit onboarding requirements
  • Shared dashboard and messaging tools

Platform Pro

$ 99

Starting at $3,500 per year

Top Features 

  • Customize shifts for services
  • Set-up elective and core rotation capacity
  • Dashboard view of students progress
  • Group messaging features
  • Automate onboarding packages
  • Manage multi-disciplinary experiences
  • Access to historical rotation details
  • Individual or cohort scheduling features
  • Shared access to affiliation agreements
  • Shared access to track students status
  • Configuration settings

Platform Enterprise

$ 99

Starting at $10,000 per year

Top Features 

  • Access to the Rotation Marketplace
  • Access to the Platform Pro features
  • Evaluation management
  • Time tracking
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Configuration settings for health systems
  • Custom integrations
  • Single Sign-on
  • Course management – coming soon
  • Department management – coming soon
  • Curriculum management – coming soon
  • Case logging – coming soon

More Questions, More Answers

How long does implementation take?

A single site can be entirely set up within hours. A larger health system’s training and implementation can take as little as 4 weeks.

Who else is using Clinician Nexus?

Over 120 clinical sites and 160 academic teaching institutions across the United States use Clinician Nexus to connect and manage clinical rotations. Once you sign up, you can search for site, school, coordinator, and student profiles.

What if my affiliated teaching institutions or clinical sites aren’t in Clinician Nexus?

You can refer your direct contacts at your affiliated schools or clinical sites right within Clinician Nexus. If you need some help explaining the benefits, just reach out to our team and we can help.

Is our data safe?

We run ClinicianNexus on Microsoft Azure and our servers are located in North Central, USA. The Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure has been architected to be one of the most secure cloud computing environments available on the planet.

In addition to the security features built into Azure, we ensure the following:

  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Passwords are hashed and salted in accordance with OWASP guidelines
  • Our platform is FERPA compliant
  • Our system performs transaction log backups every 10 minutes, differential backups every 3 hours, and full backups weekly.
  • We contract with a third party security company to ensure we follow the latest security protocols and to have an unbiased auditor of our security practices
  • We perform a full security review, including vulnerability scans, penetration tests, policy reviews, and threat analysis annually.

  • Administrators can require their staff to use Two-Factor Authentication

How do I sign up?

Signing up for Clinician Nexus is completely free. It’s really easy as well. Just click sign up and our onboarding wizard will walk you through all of your most important configurations.

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