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Deliver timely, personalized pay and productivity scorecards

Aggregating and delivering compensation scorecards via spreadsheets is labor-intensive and risks inaccuracies. As a result, scorecards are often produced infrequently and providers lose the ability to proactively improve performance and compensation.

Performance Suite provides physicians, APPs, and leaders with quick and valuable insights into compensation and performance. Performance Suite’s secure interface allows users easy, ongoing access to their scorecards including sophisticated graphical representations of both compensation and productivity.

  • Assesses physician and APP performance against defined targets and metrics
  • Measures and helps improve provider performance through actionable insights
  • Accesses individual or aggregated scorecards through Performance Suite’s secure user portal
  • Automates scorecard production from calculated values to visualizations
  • Creates efficiency and ensures the automatic distribution of scorecards
  • Minimizes physician and APP concerns during times of change with access to current, reliable scorecards
  • Improves efficiency and accuracy through scorecard process automation
  • Delivers an illustrative view of pay and productivity
Build provider trust through transparent compensation.

Align compensation to organizational goals and empower physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) through transparency into contracts, productivity, and all forms of pay.

Accurate tracking and reporting of clinical pay and performance builds trust and increases engagement with physicians and APPs. It enables leadership to establish and deliver upon organizational objectives that drive meaningful performance improvement. Designed to address a spectrum of physician, leadership and other key stakeholder needs, Performance Suite combines years of health care compensation insight and expertise with intuitive, automated software to help drive physician and APP performance and support the transition from volume to value-based care.

“We were delivering scorecards on a quarterly basis. We chose to use Performance Suite because it boosts the integrity of our finance department and allows our providers to view reports themselves and frames their expectations each month. Providers are no longer surprised when they receive their compensation.”

Build, reward, and retain your clinical workforce.


  • Automates time-intensive scorecard preparation, which creates efficiencies and enables teams to focus on other priorities
Physicians and APPs

  • Helps providers understand their performance to target
  • Provides graphical depiction of performance using easy to understand charts that benchmark actual and targeted performance
  • Delivers accurate compensation and productivity reporting and offers insights to help providers improve performance, leading to increased provider engagement

  • Provides an illustrative view of performance, allowing leaders to quickly identify outliers when comparing to performance objectives
  • Improves confidence in scorecards
  • Increases trust between physicians, APPs, and administration