Welcome MMCGME Members!

We couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to work with you all! Please consider this your landing page for all of the latest and greatest updates on our community-wide implementation.

It’s going to be a fun fall!

Quick Links to your Key Resources

You’re the pros at managing students. We’re here to make your process shine and put you in the driver’s seat of change. Here are all of your most critical resources to access during this implementation.

Implementation Kit

This kit will help explain why and how certain features work as you get started.

Health System Workflow Analysis

Analyze how your health system manages all disciplines and find common themes to streamline onboarding and more!

Clinician Nexus Help Center

Access all of our help documentation to walk through specific features you may want to learn more about on your own.

Customer Experience Team

If you’re stuck or have a very specific question, hop on a call with Marie to troubleshoot.

Implementation Milestones

Date Milestone Users
September 15, 2020 Super-user Implementation Kick Off Clinical site super-users
October 6, 2020 Clinical Site Training Begins Clinical site coordinators
October 26-30, 2020 Clinical Site Configuration Review Clinical site super-users
November 3, 2020 School Training Begins School coordinators
November 16, 2020 Go-Live! Clinical site super-users