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Address the impact of upcoming Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) changes.

As organizations increase focus on aligning the physician and APP workforces with strategic initiatives, they are looking for ways to improve access, quality, service, and affordability. Hospitals, health systems, and medical groups are challenged to define provider performance and design compensation programs that support their performance. Selecting the right metrics to measure and reward physicians and APPs is critical. Performance Suite tracks and aggregates metrics and performance by individual physician/APP and by location, division, specialty, or entire organization.

  • Tracks and aggregates metrics and performance by individual physician/APP and location, division, specialty, or entire organization
  • Offers timely metric aggregation and performance reporting
  • Compares performance to organizationally defined targets
  • Decreases the risk for human error, increases transparency, and paints a full picture for physicians and leaders to understand current and historical performance
  • Provides visibility into performance by metric at multiple levels in the organization with individual and aggregated results
  • Measures and improves physician performance through actionable insights
  • Supports organizational initiatives to engage in team-based care by calculating team performance
  • Automatically calculates performance metrics against specific targets, removing the burden of manual calculation from administrators
  • Aggregates roll-up reports giving health care organizations the ability to make decisions (i.e. growth of service line) based on reliable data and helps them understand opportunities for performance improvement
  • Provides a central source of information for physicians, APPs, and administrators that is automated, accurate, and reliable
  • Offers visibility into performance and compensation to help physicians and APPs stay engaged, which can increase retention and reduce costly turnover
Build provider trust through transparent compensation.

Align compensation to organizational goals and empower physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) through transparency into contracts, productivity, and all forms of pay.

Accurate tracking and reporting of clinical pay and performance builds trust and increases engagement with physicians and APPs. It enables leadership to establish and deliver upon organizational objectives that drive meaningful performance improvement. Designed to address a spectrum of physician, leadership and other key stakeholder needs, Performance Suite combines years of health care compensation insight and expertise with intuitive, automated software to help drive physician and APP performance and support the transition from volume to value-based care.

“When providers know there is transparency, they know the organization is vested in them and their performance. This creates a solid partnership, promoting success, engagement, and increased trust in the data. Frequent access to financial and personal performance increases provider satisfaction. This encourages providers to operate at their fullest potential as they can quickly see the benefit of doing so.”

Build, reward, and retain your clinical workforce.


  • Maximizes efficiency when working with data
  • Engages providers in the transition to value-based care
  • Aligns compensation and performance
  • Consolidates data from many disparate systems to create a single source of truth
  • Provides sophisticated, client customizable rules that offer flexibility when determining
    performance calculations
Physicians and APPs

  • Accurately compares individual and team performance against targets
  • Provides actionable insights into how to improve performance, leading to increased provider engagement
  • Promotes team performance improvement by providing detailed results for everyone on the team
  • Creates a reliable source of truth for reviewing performance on all metrics

  • Provides trustworthy insights into metrics performance by groups, locations, specialties, and more
  • Enables leaders to test different scenarios for changes in teams and processes
  • Aligns with organizational objectives by selecting, tracking, and measuring metrics
  • Allows leaders to pilot new metrics and assess financial impact prior to implementation