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Your clinician workforce is the heartbeat of your care delivery system. Ensure your future clinicians have an excellent first impression of you by using a simple student management system.

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Standardize Organization-Wide Onboarding Requirements

Your first objective is patient care. Ensure that every student that learns in your care settings is compliant with your organization’s patient care standards.

  • Automate standard and custom onboarding requirements
  • Integrate your preferred background check or immunization vendor into the student’s onboarding checklist
  • Invite the IT team to monitor appropriate dates for student access to EHRs

Connect Student Capacity to your Hiring Goals

The return on the investment of teaching is realized when your students become your clinicians and future leaders. Strategically align your teaching operations to your hiring goals with a standardized process for managing medical, nursing, and allied health students.

  • Outline student capacity to meet site or organization-wide hiring goals
  • Evaluate competency and professionalism from day through post-experience evaluations
  • Collect feedback from students on their interest in employment post-graduation through in-app surveys

Centrally Manage your Academic Partnerships 

Whether you’re teaching students from across town or across the country you can manage your academic affiliations in a single location.

  • Co-manage your affiliation agreements
  • Connect directly with university and college staff
  • Report key metrics regarding academic partnerships

Products for Health Systems & Hospitals

Medical Student Management

Manage your future physicians from pre-med through their final year in medical school.

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Nursing Student Management

Manage undergraduate and graduate nursing students as groups or individuals.

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Allied Health Student Management

Manage and customize your requirements for over 25 allied health disciplines.

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Volunteer & Observer Management

Create appliactions, schedule, onboard, and track observers and volunteers in your care settings.

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