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Improve the efficiency, accuracy, and efficacy of your compensation and performance management programs.


Understanding current performance and its impact on current and projected compensation is critical. Performance Suite provides comprehensive visibility into performance and productivity metrics for individuals and collective groups, while automating compensation calculations to ensure that contractual obligations are met. It provides leadership, physicians, and APPs with ongoing insights into how performance affects compensation. By consolidating information from numerous disparate systems and providing a single source of accurate performance and pay data, Performance Suite reduces administrative time and effort and increases provider trust, engagement, and retention.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Tracks, aggregates, and compares performance to organizationally defined targets by location, division, specialty or organization
  • Calculates earned and projected annualized compensation
  • Manages a wide variety of compensation components
  • Integrates compensation earned from all sources to create a single source of truth for physician and APP pay
  • Easily manages and streamlines annual compensation draws and payroll adjustments through a centralized, automated, secure, and auditable source
  • Generates accurate and on-time payments through automated compensation calculations
  • Improves visibility into performance by metric at multiple levels in the organization with individual and aggregated results
  • Provides ongoing insights into how performance affects compensation; an opportunity to change performance with direct impact to compensation
  • Helps measure and improve physician performance through actionable insights
  • Creates a single source for compensation and performance information that automatically calculates performance metrics
  • Manages one-off payments effectively
Build provider trust through transparent compensation.

Align compensation to organizational goals and empower physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) through transparency into contracts, productivity, and all forms of pay.

Accurate tracking and reporting of clinical pay and performance builds trust and increases engagement with physicians and APPs. It enables leadership to establish and deliver upon organizational objectives that drive meaningful performance improvement. Designed to address a spectrum of physician, leadership and other key stakeholder needs, Performance Suite combines years of health care compensation insight and expertise with intuitive, automated software to help drive physician and APP performance and support the transition from volume to value-based care.

“We required a more comprehensive system with the ability to flex and scale with us as we add or change value-based incentives, modify
compensation plans, and analyze the impact of Evaluation and Management CPT code changes. Performance Suite will now enable us to automatically deliver extensive supporting documentation with drill-down capabilities to the patient level for our clinicians to access any time they want. Providing this visibility and transparency is critical as we navigate an increasingly complex and rapidly changing health care environment.”

Build, reward, and retain your clinical workforce.


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  • Reduces, identifies, and
    reconciles errors
  • Automates tools and processes
  • Consolidates data from many disparate systems to create a single source of truth
  • Increases efficiency and accuracy
  • Creates transparency and alignment
    across departments
Physicians and APPs

  • Calculates accurate and trustworthy pay
  • Delivers actionable ways to improve performance, leading to increased provider engagement
  • Provides visibility into peer performance
  • Offers timely access to individual
    performance and pay data

  • Allocates compensation fairly
    across teams
  • Provides transparent insights into shift
    and location productivity
  • Reduces risk through automation
    and consistency
  • Delivers reliable insights into current
    organizational performance (by location, specialty, group, etc.) vs. defined targets