Take control of your clinical learning environment.

Say goodbye to never-ending requests, and hello to proactive capacity management. With Clinician Nexus, hospitals and health systems are able to easily manage their capacity to teach by month, quarter, or semester. As clinical sites provide training experiences for students, our platform is gathering rich data to enable clinical education to become your future clinician workforce strategy.

How does it work?Clinical Coordinators


Students are coming and going from your clinical settings. Keep track of all of them in one location and monitor the real-time status of students’ progress from application to offboarding.


Care teams are the key to value-based care. Focus on managing the appropriate teaching ratios today, while being strategic about your care team design for tomorrow.


Automate Onboarding

Configure your onboarding steps and let us do the rest. It’s online, real-time onboarding with transparency around what has been completed and what still requires completion. No more sending bulky packets, no more lost documents


Report Instantly

Yep. Instant. We’re collecting the data while you focus on the people. Create and save custom reports for your organization or state requirements.


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Save time and focus on your student experience

Our platform allows clinical sites to be more proactive about managing their capacity to teach. Our onboarding process has proven to reduce the administrative management of clinical education by over 50% so teams can focus on their students’ experiences.

Here's how it works:


Set up your site

Create a profile for your clinical site or your health system and add your team.

Add and Allocate Capacity

Manage each service’s capacity to teach, bringing all disciplines into consideration as operations leaders plan to teach around patient care demands.

Connect with teaching institutions

Manage your affiliation agreements and share your capacity directly with your affiliated teaching institutions.

Post open slots

Open to students from any school? Post them on our clinical experience search page for students of any discipline to search for and apply to your site.

Accept and Verify Students

Applications are directed to the appropriate coordinator to approve or deny the rotation.

Start Onboarding

Your onboarding requirements are automatically sent as soon as you accept a student or your affiliated teaching institution's coordinators place students at your site.
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Whether you’re a small clinic, large academic medical center, or nation-wide hospital system, we can support your teaching efforts every step of the way.

What Clinical Coordinators are Saying

“The program is easy to use, easy to customize to fit our needs, and has greatly streamlined our student processes. I also appreciate the excellent customer service.”

EmilyTalent Development Specialist, Bronson Healthcare

“It helps save time and stay organized. It also helped improve communication between our site and affiliate schools along with the students.”

StephanieRotations Coordinator, Riverside University Health System

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