Clinical Placement Management

A collaborative platform that enables you to coordinate every aspect of your students’ placements with your affiliated clinical sites. 

Training medical, nursing, advanced practice, and allied health students is a community effort. Connect directly with your affiliated clinical sites and co-manage your students’ success as they rotate through multiple clinical learning environments.

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manage clinical capacity

Connect with your clinical sites and see their real-time capacity as they share their student opportunities directly with your team.

monitor student onboarding

As soon as a clinical experience is approved, a single check-list is available to students, clinical site coordinators, and school coordinators. 

Track Student Experiences

Know where your students are from application to completion of clinical experience in a single dashboard. 

Run real-time reports

Run reports on students, experiences, preceptors, your clinical sites, and more with just a click of a button.

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active clinical sites

Collaborate Directly with Clinical Sites

We empathize with the frustration of not knowing exactly how many clinical slots you can count on each semester, so we built tools that help your clinical sites understand their true capacity to teach.

Here's how it works:


Sign up and create or claim your school profile

Some of your students may already be in Clinician Nexus and need you to verify their attendance. If not, you'll create your school's profile the first time you log in.

Upload or confirm your students

Bulk or individually upload your student rosters. If they're already using Clinician Nexus to apply at sites, just confirm their profile.

Schedule students

Place students at your affiliated clinical sites or monitor their applications at sites out of your core network.
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Clinical sites have reported that using Clinician Nexus helped them realize a 17% increase in their capacity to teach.

What School Coordinators Are Saying

““Platform is very user friendly. Able to quickly identify student rotation and on-boarding needs. Ability to see comments from students, site, etc. is very helpful.””

JenniferRegional Clerkship Administrator, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences

““I wish all clinical rotations used Clinician Nexus! It is easy to use, and there are very helpful IT staff who are readily available to assist most hours of the day!””

CarolineAssistant Professor, Loma Linda University, School of Nursing

Getting Started with Clinician Nexus

Schools and clinical sites are using Clinician Nexus to work together to improve student experiences.

Watch this three-minute video to learn how you can get started right now.

Schools have access to a free version of Clinical Placement Management when their clinical sites use our Student Management product.

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