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Coordinate student placement directly with your affiliated clinical sites

Education Suite:

Clinical Placement Management

Connect directly with your affiliated clinical sites and co-manage student success as they rotate through multiple learning environments
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Manage clinical capacity

  • Connect with your clinical sites and see their real-time capacity as they share student opportunities directly with your team

Monitor onboarding and track student experiences

  • As soon as a clinical experience is approved, a single check-list is available to students, clinical site coordinators, and school coordinators
  • Know where your students are in the clinical experience process from application to completion in a single dashboard
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Choose the right Clinical Placement Management subscription for your school:

Clinical Placement Management


Available to medical, nursing, and allied health programs when their care setting uses Clinician Nexus Student Management
  • View real time-capacity in participating care settings
  • Co-manage affiliation agreements
  • Schedule individual students and/or groups of students
  • Manage and track student onboarding and offboarding
  • Connect with colleagues
  • View staff and faculty profiles
  • Run reports (e.g., by student, experience, service, or specialty)
  • HIPAA and FERPA compliant hosting
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Access to public security documentation
  • Access to Help Center
  • Chat support
Clinical Placement Management



For medical, nursing, or allied health programs that work with multiple care settings
  • Everything in Clinical Placement  Management Free, plus:
  • Schedule groups of students with faculty
  • Schedule at all clinical sites
  • Run reports by college, university, or program
  • Track and report clinical hours, clinical procedures, and encounters
  • Evaluate students and preceptors
  • Manage clinical courses
  • Track faculty onboarding and offboarding
  • Send and track emails to students
  • Multi-program management
  • SIS/LMS Integrations
  • Phone support
  • Customize IT security controls
  • Webhooks/API extensibility

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