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Data-Driven Technology as Dynamic as Health Care Itself

Powered by SullivanCotter’s proprietary survey data and research, Benchmarks360™ is a suite of intelligent, web-based products that enables health care organizations to analyze and visualize compensation, clinical productivity, and workforce perceptions.

Designed to address enterprise-wide benchmarking needs for employees at all levels—including executives, physicians, advanced practice providers (APPs) and other clinical and non-clinical staff positions—Benchmarks360™ provides critical industry-leading data, analyses and reporting to support the compensation and workforce performance processes in an increasingly complex operating environment.

A Suite of Modules Designed to Address Your Unique Needs

Workforce Compensation and Clinical Productivity Manager

Clinical CPT Manager

APP Utilization and Perceptions Manager

Pay Practices Manager

Workforce Metrics Manager

Workforce Compensation and Clinical Productivity Manager

Compare your organization’s compensation and clinical productivity benchmarks to the nation’s largest health systems and medical groups. Utilize SullivanCotter’s proprietary data, representing over one million incumbents, and other third-party sources.

  • Scatterplots: Plot your individual incumbents against market benchmarks, visually identify where outliers exists, and view regression data
  • Quantitative Reviews: Model compensation-levels against client-established and common industry standard quantitative reviews, visually assess incumbents that fall outside of review threshold, define custom regulatory parameters, and engage SullivanCotter consultants for detailed review
  • Custom Analysis: Perform “what-if” analyses and evaluate against standard quantitative reviews, generate multiple pro-forma scenarios, and quickly assess compensation changes

Clinical CPT Manager

Analyze and compare your organization’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding distribution against national physician and advanced practice provider clinical benchmarks at the specialty, work RVU and CPT level.

  • Coding Distribution: Custom benchmarks for your organization, automation to remove data and reporting errors, multi-year coding profiles and trends, and filters to configure views of APP and physician coding details for clearer insights
  • Annual CMS Changes: Annual updates to CPT codes and benchmarking data with the ability to analyze Evaluation and Management (E&M) CPT code changes
  • Custom Analysis: Assess impact of volume and full-time equivalent (FTE) changes

APP Utilization and Perceptions Manager

Collect, benchmark and report on the thoughts and experiences of your APPs and physicians related to APP compensation, resources and job responsibilities to help ensure current pay programs and care models are competitive and effective.

This module includes two surveys designed to measure and compare individual organizations to national benchmarks.

  • APP | Utilization and Perceptions Survey: Gain greater insight into the APP employment experience within your organization as it relates to scope of practice, clinical and non-clinical responsibilities, and perceptions on culture and compensation
  • Physician | APP Utilization and Perceptions Survey: Learn more about your physician workforce and their experience working with APPs

Pay Practices Manager

Compare your organization’s specific pay practices and compensation design elements to many of the nation’s leading hospitals, health systems and medical groups. This module provides unique benchmarks that are often difficult to find and covers the entire health care workforce – including executives, physicians, advanced practice providers and other staff positions.

  • Difficult to Find Benchmarks: Gain market insights into unique pay practices – such as on-call pay, shift differentials, paid time off, sign on and retention bonuses and more – to help inform the design of competitive compensation programs
  • Custom Analysis: View and analyze relevant benchmarking data tailored to your organization’s characteristics (e.g., academic, pediatric, geographic)

Workforce Metrics Manager

Analyze and benchmark job family and career level information to provide insight into the size, shape, cost and demographic representation of your workforce. Benchmarks are reported for support and clinical job families and career stages on:

  • Size: Understand the number of full-time equivalent headcount
  • Shape: Analyze career stage distribution of full-time equivalent headcount
  • Cost: Annualize base payroll expense of full-time equivalent headcount
  • Demographics: Evaluate gender, ethnicity and generational representation
  • Oversight: Assess management direct span of control

Strengthening Workforce Analysis Through Data-Driven Insights

As one of the most comprehensive products of its kind, Benchmarks360™ currently comes with four distinct modules to help you understand pay, clinical productivity, and workforce perceptions across your organization.

Licensing Information

Workforce Compensation and Clinical Productivity Manager comes in both a Standard (included with your survey purchase) and a Pro version (upgrade available for an additional licensing fee). Offered exclusively to health care organizations who purchase one or more SullivanCotter survey reports.

Clinical CPT Manager can be purchased as a separate module. Offered exclusively to health care organizations who purchase one or more SullivanCotter survey reports.

APP Utilization and Perceptions Manager is available in both a Standard and a Pro version and is currently only available to participating organizations.

Pay Practices Manager comes in both a Standard (included with survey participation or purchase*) and Pro version (upgrade available for additional licensing fee).

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