About Clinician Nexus

We’re problem solvers. 

We’re made up of clinical education community members, technology experts, and thought leaders of clinical education. We partner with hospitals, schools, and students who know that today’s decisions define tomorrow’s outcomes and want to shape the future.

We believe students are our future. 

Medical, nursing, and allied health students learn best when clinical sites and schools work together to create a safe and meaningful clinical learning environment. By providing a platform where clinical sites, schools, and students connect, we’re helping to make the introductions today that turn into our health professional ecosystem tomorrow.

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Meet our Team



Katrina has worked in clinical education for 9 years, starting her journey supporting the clinical student experience at an integrated health system in Minnesota. She received her MBA with an emphasis in health care from the University of St. Thomas.


Director of Customer Experience

Marie has worked in customer experience and new software implementation for 7 years. She provides users with ongoing education and ensures that customer feedback connects to our roadmap for new feature development.

Josh Olson

Principal Engineer

Josh has been developing a variety of software for 18 years, 13 of those in a professional capacity. He loves keeping up on technology, modern best practices, and making sure his projects stay current.



Dee brings more than a decade of experience as a controller and in public accounting to her work at Clinician Nexus, including extensive knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles.


VP of Product and Security/Co-Founder

Bob has 11 years of experience developing software for higher education and health care systems. He listens to our users and turns those needs into actionable development tasks.

Katelyn Hyrkas

Customer Success Manager

Katelyn has eight years of experience working across the education sector, including in graduate medical education which allows her to relate to the challenges that programs and clinical sites encounter. She enjoys coaching and training others to utilize tools and processes that will streamline their work flows.


Junior QA Engineer

Over the past 15 years, Todd has been focused on advocating for customers and providing outstanding support. He understands the importance of being thorough and how this translates to trusted relationships with customers and colleagues. In addition to his good humor, the Clinician Nexus team is grateful for his continued focus on test-writing and quality assurance.



For the past 17 years, Tim has been developing software and leading development teams in a variety of industries and technologies. He’s great at finding the best tool for the job and bringing ideas to life.


Senior Engineer

John has 11 years of experience in developing web application software and takes pride in the readability and scalability of the code he writes. And he's always learning something new.



Sirk is a business-focused CFO that has assisted many start-ups from initial funding to successful exits. He brings 21 years of experience working with early-stage companies to Clinician Nexus.

There's more to our team.

We’re always listening to advice from experts and future leaders to shape our company.

Our student advisory board represents the heartbeat of our future clinician workforce.

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We are grateful to be surrounded by the wisdom of these brilliant minds in health care.

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