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PreCheck and Clinician Nexus Announce Partnership

By May 16, 2019July 31st, 2020No Comments
student onboarding at clinical sites

The Clinician Nexus and PreCheck platforms will be seamlessly integrated for health care organizations

MINNEAPOLIS, May 16, 2019 – PreCheck and Clinician Nexus announced today a partnership to bring together their revolutionary clinical student rotation technology and comprehensive background check capabilities into a seamlessly integrated platform for health care organizations.

Clinician Nexus, which is reinventing the clinical student rotation experience for students, health care systems and schools, has been adopted by 60 hospitals and 100 schools across the United States, with an average of 250 students joining a week. PreCheck offers health care specific background screening and ongoing monitoring solutions tailored to fit individual health care organizations. For more than 25 years, PreCheck has served health care organizations to optimize their background screening and compliance programs with a mission to improve the quality of care. Today, PreCheck provides background screening and ongoing monitoring solutions for 50 percent of the hospitals in the United States.

 As a result of the new partnership, the Clinician Nexus and PreCheck platforms will be seamlessly integrated for health care organizations, allowing them to verify student background checks in real time, easily identify and take action regarding the results of background checks, and centralize background checks within the entire student rotation onboarding process.

“Our health system customers have expressed the need for a more seamless process for ensuring that the students coming onsite for clinical rotations have met the same high standard of background screening that is being utilized for employees, contractors, vendors and volunteers. Today, academic institutions are deciding which background vendor to use based largely on price for their students. PreCheck, through this integration with ClinicianNexus, offers the schools, students and hospitals competitive pricing, seamless technology and processes and most importantly, the highest quality and most accurate background checks available, which ensure the safety of their patients and staff,” said Zach Daigle, president of PreCheck.

For students transitioning to rotations, the partnership will allow them to complete the necessary background checks within the Clinician Nexus onboarding checklist, with PreCheck automatically sending the results to the respective clinical sites.

“The integrated solution with PreCheck provides a seamless integration for schools that are utilizing PreCheck’s StudentCheck program prior to the clinical rotation period. It also solves the problem where some students transitioning into rotations don’t receive background checks at all,” said Katrina Anderson, ClinicianNexus CEO. “The existing processes are simply too cumbersome and too many students are falling through the cracks.”

ClinicianNexus also recently announced a free version of its service, which provides for a single clinical site profile, rotation pipeline management, application and onboarding steps, rotation capacity management, and affiliation agreement management.

“What ClinicianNexus does is allow clinical sites, such as hospitals and clinics, and students to directly connect with one another, find the right fit, clarify expectations, and eliminate surprises. Historically, that process has been very cumbersome, inefficient and time consuming,” explains Anderson. “With clear communication and access to a shared platform for students, health care facilities and schools, the process is vastly improved, much more intuitive and lowers the margin for error in onboarding students. Our platform goes beyond data gathering and scheduling, providing a smart, transparent way for health systems, schools and students to connect directly with one another—just like we already do on Facebook and LinkedIn – and foster a real sense of community.”



About Clinician Nexus
Clinician Nexus provides health systems, schools, and students with a transparent, people-centered platform that facilitates better clinical rotation management, from start to finish. Our platform connects the clinical education community to one another like never before, fostering clearer communication, a more streamlined onboarding and management process, and more positive clinical experiences. We believe people are as important as data and that facilitating communication between everyone in the network and streamlining the onboarding process paves the way to better clinical experiences today and better health care outcomes tomorrow. Learn more at ClinicianNexus.com.

About PreCheck
Founded in 1983, PreCheck has focused exclusively on serving the healthcare industry’s background screening and employment qualification needs since 1993. PreCheck serves over 4,000 hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, educational institutions, and other ancillary healthcare organizations, across the U.S. PreCheck has evolved over time from a background screening provider into a turnkey outsourcing solutions provider, offering a full suite of background screening, compliance monitoring, and credentialing solutions all designed to help its clients adhere to the extensive regulations governing the healthcare industry. Based in Houston, PreCheck has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 company from 2013-2018 and has achieved Background Screening Credentialing Council Accreditation by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Please visit www.precheck.com for more information.

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